Aruán Ortiz, Kevin Hays and Craig Taborn among others featured on Take Five: Special Piano Edition by WBGO.

Take Five: Special Piano Edition, with Craig Taborn, Kevin Hays, Aruán Ortiz and More

"Sometimes a theme emerges by chance, revealing itself in the moment. That’s true of this week’s installment of Take Five, featuring new music by a range of smart and searching pianists. A couple of these tracks are from brand-new albums, and a couple are from albums due later in the year. Each is an illustration of deep focus and alert chemistry, along with first-rate pianism."

"The Cuban pianist Aruán Ortiz has more than a passing interest in the avant-garde: consult his excellent recent album, Hidden Voices, which brings elastic energies to the acoustic trio format." -Nate Chinen, WBGO-



Hidden Voices in the NPR Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2016